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If you’re uncertain about where to begin, feeling overwhelmed by the study material, worried whether your Hebrew is good enough, or wonder how others study and pass - know that you’re not alone…


With the right study program and effective teaching methods, our course makes the journey of becoming a real estate agent in Israel achievable.

Introducing a better, easier, and less daunting approach to studying for the exam and successfully passing it - even with basic Hebrew!

English Course

High Success Rate

Targeted for the Exam

Tailored specifically for Olim Chadashim and non-native Hebrew speakers, our study program provides an ideal path to make studying, passing the exam, and achieving your goal of becoming a real estate agent in Israel a reality.

Incorporating accelerated learning techniques and breaking down the study material into manageable segments, our course offers an easily comprehensible structure that enhances your understanding of the material and empowers you to approach exam day with confidence.

One of our biggest advantages is that we know what aspects of the test are important.

We prioritize teaching and guiding you through the essential material required to successfully pass the exam.

What's Included

Our course is accessed and navigated through our online training platform in a self-paced and self-learning setting.

  • 16 instructional chapters

    With slides, MindMap summaries and practice files to help you follow along with each lesson, studying for the test has never been easier!

  • 100% online

    Enjoy the convenience of a self-paced setting where you study on your own schedule. Study anytime, anywhere and as much as you need!

  • Support
    You have support throughout the course through our closed Facebook group - a hub for all of our students to post questions, comments and form study groups.

  • Invitation to a live Q&A webinar
    An invitation to a live Q&A before the test where we address questions relating to the study material, revise practice tests from real previous exam questions, share tips, tricks and discuss exam day.

Kickstart Your Real Estate Career in Israel

About Us



Marketing Expert and Mentor

Hi, I'm Roi, and for the past decade, I've been helping real estate agents in establishing thriving businesses across three different continents.

My journey began when I ran my own agency, where I not only trained my agents but also guided them towards achieving success.

Since then, we have created an exclusive training program centered around helping Olim Chadashim overcoming language barriers and cultural differences, to establish thriving real estate businesses in the Holy Land.

My passion lies in helping both businesses and individuals grow and attain their goals, which I wholeheartedly incorporate into all of my endeavors.

In addition to my expertise in real estate, I possess a fervent interest in marketing and business growth. I am the proud author of a bestselling Marketing Book, and I take immense joy in being a father to my two sons, Adam and Leo.

"Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars".

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Success Stories

I just want to shout out to Roi that he has a great program.

He is always available and helpful throughout the process. Thank you, Roi and the Su Casa online English study program.

Deborah Bassuk Michael

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Thank you very much, Joanna and Roi for your help and availability. I will recommend your program!

Julie Louzon

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Su Casa TLV Academy is a one-of-a-kind course for Olim that makes becoming a real estate agent in Israel attainable.

The course is broken down into the main topics of the test, and therefore I was then able to approach the provided book of material (over 300 pages of Hebrew) with more confidence.

In addition, because these were previously recorded sessions, I was able to set my own study schedule.

Roi was accessible for questions and review sessions, and Joanna was organized and professional.

Rochelle Windman

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I was very nervous when I decided to partake in the exam because of my Hebrew. I was clueless about how to start, let alone study and understand the materials needed for the test. But Roi’s program helped me a lot!

His online course is easy and user-friendly and I repeated the course as much as I needed to make sure I was ready.

It helped me first understand the topics in English, and the more practice tests I solved, not only have I successfully passed the test, but my Hebrew improved a lot too!

I want to thank Roi for helping me a lot throughout the study process. He is a great teacher and his online study program is a must for anyone out there who’s looking to pass the test and get their real estate license.

Judith Franco

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Roi Shachaf and Joanna Shachaf thank you for all you’ve done to help me pass the exam.

I’m forever grateful for your continuous support and optimism!

Daniel Mordechai

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I passed!!!

I honestly have to say I don’t know how I did it, however, I have to thank Roi for his patience and guidance and most importantly for believing in me.

Shmuli Bernhaut

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I would like to thank Roi VERY MUCH for his great lessons. Without him, it would have been impossible to pass this exam.

Chaim Miller

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I took the online real estate class with Roi and had the convenience of studying from my own home.

The course was easy to follow, as well Roi was incredibly helpful and always available to answer my questions!

If you are looking to become a licensed real estate agent in Israel, this is the only course that will guide you through the material and translate everything to English.

Yael Woolf

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Big Thanks to Joanna and Roi Shachaf for a great course!!

Could never have navigated the 500 Hebrew pages without you.

Jordan Fisch

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I just passed the exam today! Thanks to the great study material from Su Casa TLV Academy and lots of hard work and perseverance.

Dennis Bernitz

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Your notes and videos are AMAZING!!! I passed the exam today!

Super super useful 😎 you did an excellent job for us, Olim Hadashim. ✨✨✨

Thanks again for all of your savlanut and amazing knowledge!

Pinar Pinarbasi
Licensed Real Estate Agent

A BIG thank you to Joanna Shachaf and Roi Shachaf for all your help and support throughout the process.

Su Casa TLV Academy has really given me the tools to understand the material, both in Hebrew and with English translation. 

Thank you for your patience with all my questions and posts. I very much appreciate your dedication.

I felt prepared and confident going into the exam and I can’t thank you enough for helping mew jumpstart my new career.

Avi Abrams

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I’m delighted to say this morning I received a pass result for the exam.

Thank you Su Casa TLV academy as without you guys I did not stand a chance and I would recommend you to everyone.

Best to all!

Gary Fieldman

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I would like to acknowledge Roi for his excellent preparation for a very challenging exam!

If not for him and the Su Casa TLV online course I would never have passed the exam the first time!

Apparently only 60% of Israelis pass…

Roi, your constant support (even after the exam!) and excellent, clear explanations and guidance were beyond all expectations. 

A truly first class service offered! 

Many, many thanks!

Rozanne Gordon

Licensed Real Estate Agent  

Thanks Roi and Joanna for helping me pass the exam.

Your course was amazing!

You gave me the opportunity to learn so much in such a short time!!!

Can't thank you enough!

Sarah Mojdeh

Licensed Real Estate Agent

After failing the real estate exam twice, I found Roi.

Roi specializes in helping non Hebrew speakers study for and help pass the exam.

Roi is very knowledgeable about the subject and has a great way of both presenting the material and knowing what aspects of the test are important.

He was available by phone and skype to help in any way.

He pushed and supported me all the way through.

Don’t think I could have done it without him!

Mallory Serebin

Licensed Real Estate Agent

The course was really good, it helped me understand a lot of the concepts in the book which I would never have been able to understand myself.

I recommend this course to English speakers and would tell them to get familiar with the book as well.

Thank you Roi Shahaf for helping me pass!


Licensed Real Estate Agent

You could be our next success story...


Why choose your study program?

The Israeli real estate license exam poses a significant challenge for many Olim Chadashim who aspire to begin a real estate career in Israel.

So we thought of a way to simplify the studying process. 

A better, easier, less overwhelming way to study for the exam AND pass - even with basic Hebrew skills!

As a way of introducing our approach, we offer a complimentary lesson. This provides you with a glimpse into our study materials and the structure of our academy.

And if you need further assurance, you can always browse through our collection of Success Stories or give us a call - we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I have the English translated Book of Laws. Can I study on my own?

The English version of the Book of Laws is essentially a translated version of the original Hebrew book. 

While it can provide some assistance, it does not guarantee that you will be able to successfully study for the exam on your own.

And here's why: The key to passing the exam lies in your ability to read and comprehend the laws in Hebrew.

Merely knowing the English translation of the laws will not be sufficient for passing the test.

Moreover, the vast amount of material you need to study for the exam can easily become overwhelming, and therefore, having guidance throughout the study process is highly beneficial.

However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't familiarize yourself with the book and learn how to navigate its index.

On the contrary, as you are provided with a copy of the book during the exam, we strongly encourage our students to familiarize themselves with the book, and thus have a dedicated video discussing just that.

When should I start studying?

Ideally, we’d recommend allocating approximately 40 hours of study time to approach the exam date with confidence. Considering your availability, we suggest starting your preparations around 2-3 months prior to the test, dedicating 2-4 hours per week.

By adhering to this schedule, you will have ample time to study, become acquainted with the laws and their context, and arrive at the exam date feeling prepared and confident.

To avoid unnecessary stress, we’d recommend getting your studies going as soon as possible, and the more seriously you approach your preparations from the beginning, the greater your chances of success will be.

I’m unsure I want to commit to real estate. Maybe I should give it a trial run, before going through the hassle of obtaining a license?

It is absolutely essential to invest time in determining whether real estate is the right path for you. Just like obtaining a driver's license, you want to complete the process as soon as possible.

However, in real estate, there’s a significant distinction between knowledge and experience, and between acquiring your license and working as a real estate agent, but nevertheless, passing the test IS the first step you take towards a career in real estate in Israel.

There will always be reasons to delay taking the test, but if you genuinely aspire to embark on a real estate career, the time to act is now. 

And this is important: be aware that practicing real estate in Israel without a license is considered a criminal offense, carrying a potential penalty of 12 months' imprisonment.

Just something to think about.

How will I manage if the exam is in Hebrew?

It is important to acknowledge that the test is conducted exclusively in Hebrew.

There’s no escaping that fact. 

And one of the biggest challenges many of our students face is understanding the exam questions, particularly due to the combination of Hebrew and legal terminology, which can be very-very overwhelming. 

In order to make proper use of our study materials, it is necessary to possess basic Hebrew reading skills. 

By being capable of reading the laws in Hebrew, combined with our teaching method, you will develop comprehension of the legal concepts, and with dedicated practice, you will gradually progress towards the right path to successfully passing the exam.

My Hebrew isnt good enough, will I still be able to study for the test through your course?

If I had to name our most frequently asked question - this will probably be it. 

Our classes are conducted entirely in English, which makes the studying process easier for many Olim Chadashim preparing for the exam.

However, since the exam is administered in Hebrew, it is important that we teach the laws in Hebrew, and we encourage our students to read the laws in Hebrew as well.

This approach not only prepares our students for the exam but also provides an opportunity to practice and enhance their Hebrew skills.

As each lesson focuses on a specific topic, and the study material is presented in manageable segments, our students find it considerably easier to study.

We also place a significant emphasis on practice time and thoroughly review real previous exam questions, enabling our students to remain well-prepared and informed.

I speak Hebrew very well but it still isn't perfect. I am a little afraid of the exam and I'm wondering if the course will prepare me for the exam?

Here's the truth: These tests are intentionally designed to be challenging and intricate. 

It is rare to see a 100% pass rate. And to be honest, pass rates are about 60% (!) - that is 60% of examinees successfully passing the test!

But don't let this discourage you!

The key here is not to aim for a perfect score, but rather to achieve a minimum of 60%. This translates to getting 15 correct answers out of 25.

Fortunately, as the exam is an open-book exam it allows you to refer to the Book of Laws. In addition to the study material provided in our course, we highly recommend that all our students download or obtain a copy of the Book of Laws and we have a dedicated video that specifically discusses how to navigate and utilize this book effectively.

With our online course, which grants you the flexibility to study at your own pace and convenience, coupled with your understanding of how to index the Book of Laws, along with our support through our closed Facebook group, and our live session prior to the exam, you are well-equipped and covered for success.

You say that you only cover the material that is relevant for passing the test. What if there are questions in the exam that you do not cover in your course?

A valid question! However, it's important to note that we have no control over the specific questions that will be included in the test. Our approach relies on studying previous exams and practicing based on those materials.

It's always possible that the test may include a question on a topic that we haven't covered in our course, which is why our primary focus is on achieving a passing score of 60% rather than aiming for a perfect score.

However, to address this challenge, we provide pre-recorded live sessions on our Facebook group. In these sessions, we discuss specific topics that have frequently appeared in previous exams. These sessions are accessible to all our students and serve as a valuable resource.

This is another reason why we strongly advise our students to be familiar with the Book of Laws and know how to effectively use its index. Given that the exam is open book, this knowledge becomes crucial for success.

I'm concerned about not having Facebook and how that would affect my studying for the exam. I don't have Facebook and would prefer not to open an account. Do you do any other preparations or offer support via zoom or send information via email that will help us students studying for the upcoming exam?

Our closed Facebook group plays a vital role in our study program, serving as a space for our students to connect with us and fellow members of the group. 

However, we understand that some students may not have a Facebook account but still choose to study with us. Rest assured, we have alternative options to ensure you receive the necessary support.

We offer a live session conducted via Zoom a few days before the exam, specifically designed to address any questions related to the study material, as well as go over previous exam questions. 

Additionally, any study materials available on our Facebook group, including slides and practice files, can be emailed directly to you upon request.

While we strongly encourage the use of our Facebook group as the primary means of communication, we understand that students may have questions and prefer to reach out via email or WhatsApp.

We are committed to providing support through various channels to ensure all your inquiries are addressed.

What if I fail?

Preparing for the test is undeniably challenging, and I want to be upfront about that. 

Even native Israelis often struggle to comprehend the study material effectively. 

So no matter how hard you study and prepare, there is always a possibility of not passing.

But don’t let this discourage you. 

Our primary objective is to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in the exam. 

And our best advice is to simply approach it step by step.

Do not stress if you don't understanding everything from day one. It's perfectly normal, and that's precisely why we are here to support you. 

Go through the entire course at your own pace, even if you don't fully comprehend it at first, rest assured, it will gradually sink in. And the advantage of our online course is that you have the flexibility to revisit the classes as many times as needed.

But in the event that you do not pass the exam, please be kind to yourself. It can happen, and it's not the end. The good news is that you can try again by taking the next exam, where you will have mastered the study material by then. 

Remember, it's a journey, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

How do I sign up for the complimentary lesson?

Getting started is a breeze.

Just click on the "FREE TRIAL" button to enter our academy.

Follow the instructions to create your free account, and once that's done, you can log in using the email and password you provided. 

Voila! You will gain immediate access to our first lesson.

Our first lesson is almost an hour long ansd is  broken down into segments. It’s pretty straight forward and provides you with a glimpse into our study materials and the structure of our academy.

What are the purchasing options for the course?

You can purchase the course via credit card through our secure payment page. 

If you prefer another form of payment, please feel free to talk to us. 

How long will I have access to the course content for?

With a one-time payment, you won't need to repurchase the course.

Our course is completely online, granting you access from the moment you purchased until you successfully pass the test.

During this time, you will have the freedom to revisit and repeat the classes as often as necessary.

Pass the Israeli Real Estate License exam and become a

certified real estate agent!

We are Su Casa TLV Academy, an online learning platform aimed at professionals seeking to enter the real estate world in Israel.


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